How to Stay Sane and Have Fun in an RV with Kids


A summer vacation in an RV allows you a wealth of possibilities that other types of family vacations can’t. Pick out some of the most beautiful areas of Colorado and the surrounding states to visit, then enjoy the trip in comfort and style. A few ways to make the trip even better:

1. Pack plenty of extra clothes.

Part of the beauty of an RV vacation is all the extra room. Make sure there are plenty of changes of clothing so that a spilled ice cream cone or a surprise swim in a lake doesn’t lead to an uncomfortable afternoon.

2. Keep some toys and treats in reserve.

When you are driving a long distance with kids, there will be times when they’ll get bored and restless. By hiding a few activities away, you can distract them and help them keep entertained. Ideas can include coloring books, card games and new games for their phones or tablets.

3. Give the kids spaces to call their own.

Squabbles are inevitable. By giving each kid a bit of territory, you can give them room to cool off if they are bickering or just need a little bit of alone time.

4. Let the kids pick a destination or two on your trip.

Show your kids the route you plan to travel before your vacation and ask them what they want to do and see. By giving them a bit of control, you can help them get more engaged in the sites that you are seeing. This can be particularly effective when you let them pick educational or historic destinations.

5. Plan travel days around your kids’ schedules.

If the kids tend to take a nap after lunch, you can cover a lot of miles while they snooze. Some parents also plan for a bit of driving after the kids have crawled into bed for the night. Just make sure you don’t overestimate how far you can drive before you get tired. It’s better to lose a few miles of road time than to drive dangerously because you are exhausted.

6. Vary the activities each day.

Make sure that the days are all a little different so that the kids stay engaged instead of getting bored. Do a museum tour one day, a stop at one of Colorado’s great swimming destinations on another, for example. Hikes in the woods, sporting activities and other choices can give your kids the variety needed to make this a memorable trip for them.

7. Try regional foods along the way.

One of the best advantages of traveling by RV is the ability to save money by cooking your own meals as you go. Give yourselves a chance to try out local specialties picked up in markets and at farm stands along the way. By letting your kids try different foods throughout the trip, you can help them expand their palates and enjoy a wider variety of foods.

8. Give the kids a night to cook.

There are dozens of kid-friendly recipes to try out along the way. Pick up ingredients before you go or take the kids shopping on the way to plan their dinner night.

9. Limit screen time.

If you are camping in a national forest in a campground with great amenities, you don’t want your kids to miss it all by hiding in their bunks with their phones. Limit screen time to an hour or two a day, or only allow electronics out after dark. This way, your kids will spend more of their time exploring and enjoying the break from their everyday activities.

RVing opens up many different travel activities and makes it far more affordable to take the family on the road. By planning your trip well and assuring that the kids have plenty of adventures on the way and plenty to keep them occupied, you can make your RV summer vacation a memory they will cherish.

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