5 Reasons Why RV Camping is Better than Tent Camping


The never-ending battle rages on: Tent camping or RV camping? Admittedly, we’re biased on this issue, but over 8.9 million American RV-owning households agree with us. They are money-saving witnesses that confirm the recent findings in a vacation cost analysis study commissioned by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. Not surprisingly, “RV travel emerged as having a clear economic advantage over other forms of travel, regardless of the RV type.”

There’s an RV that’s perfectly designed for every kind of nature-loving adventure seeker. Travel trailers  come in a huge array of sizes with a wide range of floor plans that feature the comforts and amenities of home. It might take some trial and error to find the one that fits your family’s needs, and those needs will probably change over time as you gain more RV-living experience, but we’re confident that once you go RV, you’ll never go back to tent camping again. Here are five reasons to convince you.

1) You’re better protected in an RV

Tent camping leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of annoying and threatening wildlife, from bugs and snakes crawling in bed with you to more dangerous wildlife like bears and big cats. You have little protection from bad weather in your non-insulated tent. You swelter in the heat and freeze in the cold. Camping in mud is never fun, but that’s what you face after a rain or hailstorm in a tent. And have you ever tried to pitch a tent in a windstorm?

For those naysayers who maintain that you just can’t get that fresh air experience in an RV, we suggest you consider a pop-up camper or a tent camper. You get the total outdoor experience and the comfort of an RV, with plush innerspring mattresses and optional air conditioning on some models.

2) You sleep better in an RV

Haul your lightweight travel trailer off the beaten path, and even in an ultra-light model, you sleep in two large, very comfy 48” × 76” beds. You’ve got your favorite linens and pillows, and you’re not tossing and turning on the hard ground on top of an air mattress inside a confining sleeping bag. Larger models feature super-private separated bedrooms.

Blinds and drapes keep out the morning sun until you’re ready to greet the day. You’re protected from disturbing noises, like wildlife crunching dry leaves, hooting owls, and big rigs barreling down the nearby highway at 3 a.m. Even obnoxiously loud neighbors partying one site over can’t ruin your good night’s slumber.

3) You eat better in an RV

With a full stove, oven, microwave, and spacious fridge, your meals on the road as just as wonderful as the ones you whip up at home. Abundant storage in kitchen drawers and overhead cupboards makes it easy to take all the essentials along for food prep. No cumbersome backpacks or heavy ice chests are required like they are in tent camping.

Some top-of-the-line fifth wheel models feature solid surface countertops, a large 8 cubic foot fridge, stainless steel sinks, and a high-rise faucet with hose nozzle. Plus, you’ve got a clean, dedicated eating surface or a full-blown dinette to serve as your mealtime table on the road. You’re not relegated to a dirty picnic table used by countless other families before you.

4) You enjoy better hygiene in an RV

With hot and cold running water just steps away, you always have the chance to freshen up and practice good personal hygiene. Unless your tent is pitched next to a river, hand washing alone can be a huge hassle when camping, not to mention unsanitary.

With your own private toilet, a shower, and multiple sinks, it’s easy to stay clean without sharing shower floors and grooming surfaces with strangers. Running water in the kitchen makes food prep and cleanup a breeze. How about an oversized glass shower inside and an auxiliary outdoor shower? Some toy hauler RVs even provide a half bathroom in the garage.

5) You enjoy creature comforts plus unlimited versatility

With central air and heat to keep you comfortable, and flat-screen TVs and surround-sound stereos with inside and outside speakers to keep you entertained at night, today’s RVs are fully functional homes on wheels.

When you want to get out for the day and do some exploring or hit the nearest town for a dinner out, you just lock up your towable RV and drive away in your vehicle — not nearly as easy to do when you have a tent to worry about.

If you want to take your motorized sports equipment along, a toy hauler RV provides a built-in garage for your ATVs and UTVs. Some models even offer bunk systems and washer/dryer hookups in the garage.

Active outdoors enthusiasts who frequently travel in large groups love the travel trailer bunkhouse models. With a variety of sleeping configurations to choose from, bunk models are ideal for hunting and fishing trips or large family gatherings. Everyone enjoys a comfortable, clean, and safe bed for the trip’s duration.

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