10 Storage and Organization Hacks for Your RV


10 storage and organization hacks for your RV

Taking your RV to one of Colorado’s excellent camping sites? Ensure that you are able to bring all of the comforts of home along with you on the ride. Our storage and organizational tips can help you fit it all in while still being able to find it.

1. Pick up some collapsible silicone cooking accessories.

These colorful and useful tools collapse flat when they are not in use. This means that you can store far more than you could using conventional cooking tools. As a bonus, they’re quiet during transit. Unlike metal or hard plastic, these won’t rattle when the RV is on a bumpy road.

2. Gear hammocks can keep needed items stowed but in sight.

Pick up a couple of inexpensive net hammocks in the camping department of your local store. These can fit a large array of items while keeping them easy to reach. Keep one in the bathroom, one by each bed and another above the table.

3. Label the tops of cans of food.

When you buy canned food to use during your travels, use a permanent marker to note the contents. This way, if you are stowing them in a low drawer, you don’t have to pull out every item to get what you need. And, if a spill wets your labels, you’ll still be able to tell what’s inside.

4. Pack by outfit.

Instead of packing shirts with shirts and pants with pants, assemble complete outfits in your drawers. This way, you aren’t digging through the contents of your storage cabinets looking for a specific item. You can even use vacuum bags to compress them so they take less space.

5. Roll clothes to fit in more.

Fold clothing into a narrow strip, then roll tightly. This allows you to pack more into a smaller space. Store vertically to make it easy to pull items out.

6. Use the space on the inside of cabinet doors for storage.

Pick up simple wire garbage bag holders or racks that can hold pot lids, cleaning supplies and other items. This helps you maximize space while keeping things convenient.

7. Put a shoe bag on the inside of the bathroom door.

This can be a handy storage area for hair brushes, shampoo, sunscreen and other necessary items.

8. Use the space under cabinets.

Keep your counters clear by mounting paper towels, a napkin dispenser or any desired appliances under the cabinets. An under-cabinet toaster or microwave is also safer on the road, as you don’t need to worry about them getting thrown around if you go over bumps.

9. Install drawers under the table.

Stow napkins, silverware, a deck of cards and other items in the unused space underneath your table. This way, they are out of the way but still right in the space where you’ll usually use them.

10. Use square containers whenever possible.

Round containers leave a lot of space around them. With square or rectangular options, you can fit more into tight spaces. Air-tight square canisters, for instance, can keep essentials like pasta, rice and oatmeal free from pests and spills while conserving space.

The more time you spend RVing, the more likely you are to find spaces that you weren’t using before and better ways to stow all your stuff. Experiment with different arrangements to figure out the ideal storage scheme for you to maximize space while minimizing frustrations.

Does this make you anxious to get out on the open road? Come visit us today to find the right RV for you.

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