10 Reasons Camping in an RV is the Best

camping in an rv

Modern families have a lot of great options when it comes to recreation and travel. But, when you consider the pros and cons, buying an RV and heading off on a camping adventure together can be one of the most exciting. And to prove it to you, we put together a list of a few of the many reasons RV camping is the best:

  1. All the comforts of home.

No need to sleep on the ground and sweat (or freeze) all night. When you camp in an RV, you have soft seats and beds, electric lights, running water, even heating and air conditioning if you need it. Coffee comes from your own coffee maker; no fussing around with temperamental camp stoves. Plus, if you encounter rain or chilly weather, you can stay warm and dry. You can enjoy the outdoors on your own terms, mixing a back to nature getaway with the convenience you prefer.

  1. Save money on hotels.

If you wanted to stay near the waterfront on the Gulf Coast of Florida, you could pay $200 a night or more for a hotel. Or, you could spend $25 to $50 a night to stay in a state park or privately owned RV campground right by the water. By taking your own accommodations with you, you have more that you can spend on park entrances, tours and other recreation.

  1. You can accommodate the whole family.

Most RV have a few clever sleeping spaces, allowing you to host a number of people in comfort. Plus, with an RV, you can include family members who are either too young for tent camping or older family members who may not be comfortable sleeping on an air mattress in a tent.

  1. You get access to a range of campgrounds.

In many parts of the country, there are far more RV campground available than ones that allow tent camping. Your choices include everything from RV campground right outside town to remote parks by the mountains, ocean or desert.

  1. Bring along family who might not otherwise want to camp.

Married to a guy who isn’t giving up his ESPN for a single night? RV camping means that it’s no problem. Your RV also makes camping more appealing to the teenagers who hate the idea of camping with bugs and the family members who find tent camping a little too rustic. The cozy setting means that you can eliminate any objections and ensure that your family is ready to embrace your adventure together.

  1. Pack as much as you want.

When you fly or drive a car to a destination, there is only so much you can bring along. That goes double when you are hiking and camping in tents. RVs mean plenty of storage, so you can overpack to your heart’s content. You can be totally prepared with clothes to fit surprise changes in weather or extra outfits for extra days. You also have room for tennis rackets, bikes and any other equipment that allow you to enjoy your favorite activities at your destination.

  1. Enjoy local cuisine you cook yourself.

One of the best parts of traveling is checking out what the locals eat. Buy Maryland crab, Pacific Northwest oysters or some of that amazing California produce and eat a local, gourmet meal for about as much as you’d spend on freeze-dried hiking meals. Your RV kitchen is fully stocked and ready for you to make any meal that you desire.

  1. Enjoy the journey and the destination.

When you fly to your vacation spot, you don’t get to see all of the scenery between you and your destination. Taking an RV camping allows you to enjoy the open road and really get to know the areas you are visiting. Pick scenic back roads to make getting to your destination as exciting as the time you spend once you get there.

  1. Easily access more remote areas.

Throughout the southwest, there are areas where you can camp in remote places, a practice known as boondocking. Jumping in your RV means that you can get to a lot of places it’d be hard to reach on foot. Then, once you are there, you can enjoy the solitude in comfort.

  1. Spend quality time together.

Your RV allows you and your family to relax together during your camping trips. By carving out a comfortable space inside your RV, you can enjoy movies, storytime and snacks together long after the sun has gone down.

Family vacations are great opportunities to reconnect and build the bonds that lead to lifelong memories and closeness. By picking an RV for your camping experiences, you can be assured that the memories you build will be good ones.

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